Everything Pint Jar Eight Pack

Why You Want It:

Allow us to introduce you to all of the dough. That's right - everything but the gluten free stuff can be found in this incredible variety pack. Try some red velvet or maybe cookies n cream. No matter what mood you're in today, you cannot go wrong with this cookie dough box.

What You Get:

All the flavors!

2 Chocolate Chip Pint Jar
Confetti Sugar Pint Jar
Cookies N Cream Pint Jar

Brownie Batter Pint Jar

Cookie Monster Pint Jar
S'mores Pint Jar
Red Velvet Pint Jar


    How To Enjoy It:

    This is dough you can eat raw. We make all of our dough without any eggs and we use heat treated flour. Making it safe to eat from the minute you open it to the second it's gone.

    Our dough is kept refrigerated but you can also freeze it if you want (some people prefer to eat it frozen)!

    No you don't have to eat it all at once (although you might want to). If you have leftovers after opening those are good for 6 months refrigerated or frozen.