August 28, 2020

What pairs better with wine than cookie dough? Sounds like a beautiful night to us, and since we’re spending more and more nights in rather than out we figured we would bring some of our cookie dough fun to you guys. 

Video: Kelsey Cotton

A little known fact about NoBaked is that we used to have cookie dough and wine pairing classes in our Nashville stores in the pre-pandemic world. And a little known fact about Megan and myself; we used to teach those classes! Since we were missing our cookie dough and wine fix we decided to invite our friends over, pair some cookie dough and wine, and document the entire thing so you could have some socially distanced fun in your own backyard. 

Step 1: Acquire The Cookie Dough

You might be thinking: Does cookie dough really pair well with wine? The answer is yes it does and for the best tasting experience I recommend the following flavors: Chocolate Chip, Cookie Monster, Cookies n’ Cream, and Brownie Batter. 

Step 2: Find The Wine

We always try to go from sweet to bold with our wine choices so for the above flavors we choose these wines: Barefoot Moscato, Rosé All Day Rosé , Yellow Tail Sauvignon Blanc, and Dark Horse Cabernet. 

Step 3: Venue & Friends

The backyard in Tennessee on a clear August night👌

Step 4: Enjoy

Go from light to dark and from sweet to bold. Taste the cookie dough and then the wine. I always recommend that you Swirl, Sniff, Sip, and then Savor. This allows you to get the full experience. Enjoy!


Here are some flavor pairings for your reference:

Chocolate Chip - Moscato
Confetti Sugar - Rosé
Cookies N' Cream - Sauvignon Blanc
S'mores - Sauvignon Blanc
Brownie Batter - Cabernet
Cookie Monster - Gewurtztraminer
Red Velvet - Cabernet
Basic Dough - Moscato
-Jimmy Feeman

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