The Halloween pairings you’ve been waiting for: Spooky Movies & Cookie Dough Mashup👻

We’ve paired our favorite Halloween movies with our featured cookie dough in our exclusive Halloween Box. Let Spooky Season begin! 

  • First up is a classic Halloween favorite, Hocus Pocus! Hocus Pocus is just the right amount of trick and treat - that’s why we would pair this classic with our classic, Spooky Chip (Chocolate Chip). You can’t go wrong with a Spooky classic, and the Sanderson Sisters would definitely approve! Just don’t light the black flame candle. Available to watch on Disney+. 

  • Of course the perfect movie to pair with Monster Mash (Cookie Monster) is Frankenstein (Amazon Prime), the GOAT of Halloween Monsters. If you’re looking for a more spooky lighthearted movie we recommend Ghostbusters (Hulu), Scooby Doo (HBO Max, Amazon Prime), or Hotel Transylvania (Netflix). The perfect pumpkin carving movie and snack duo!
  • Our Halloween Confetti flavor has that nostalgic feel loaded with Candy Corn and Halloween sprinkles! The perfect nostalgic movie to pair, is obviously Halloweentown! Watching this spooky film brings back all the 90s nostalgia. Marnie and Aggie would totally cozy up with a pint of Halloween Confetti while telling spooky stories. Light your fall candles and snuggle up for the perfect night in! Available to watch on Disney+.

  • Where are all the 90s kids? One of the best throwback Halloween movies has to be Mom’s got a Date with a Vampire, and it pairs perfectly with our Vampire’s Feast (Red Velvet). If you’re looking for a spookier movie try pairing with Interview with a Vampire (Hulu) or Dracula: Dead and Loving It (Amazon Prime). We would also recommend pairing with your favorite red wine (if you’re over 21) for the ultimate spooky watching experience. 

Other spooky pairing options:

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix) paired with Basic Dough, because let’s face it Sabrina is a basic witch. 

American Horror Story (Hulu & Netflix) paired with Brownie Batter. Binge watch all the seasons while snacking on this dark and spooky flavor. 

Classic Halloween movies such as Friday the 13th and Halloween (both on Amazon Prime) would perfectly pair with S’mores, the ultimate scary movie pairing. Think scary campfire stories, but indoors.

Netflix is filled with modern day spooky shows, perfect for fall binge watching! Cozy up all weekend for a marathon of The Order, You, Haunting of Hill House and Stranger Things (which are just a few of our favorites)! Cookies n Cream, a modern classic, is the perfect pair for all your spooky binge watching!!

Let us know your favorite Spooky pairing and go-to Halloween movie! Checkout all of our flavors and order online for nationwide shipping here

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