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Memorial Day Mini Jar Pack🇺🇸

Be festive with our Red Velvet, Confetti Sugar, and Cookie Monster Mini Jar 3 pack🇺🇸 Memorial Day festivities aren't the same without snack-able dough!

Snack-able Star Stack Recipe:

You'll need two mini jars of our red velvet, confetti sugar & cookie monster dough plus a star cookie cutter & USA flag toothpicks. To start, simply grab your confetti sugar dough and roll it flat. Using your small star cookie cutter, cut small stars and place on a plate. Once you finish cutting your stars of confetti sugar, place the stars in the freezer while you get started on cutting out your Cookie Monster stars followed by your Red Velvet stars. Once you have finished cutting out your stars, freeze all of them for an additional 10 minutes.

Once they have been cooled in the freezer, you are ready to make your cookie dough star stacks! Get out a serving platter of your liking and place the mini jars as the centerpiece. Take your American flag toothpicks and grab a red, white & blue star to make the perfect holiday star stack. Repeat until finished. That’s it- a simple, festive & yummy dessert to serve this Memorial Day. Share this with a friend and make sure to follow along for more fun doughlicious desserts! 

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