Frequently Asked Questions

Our cookie dough is made without eggs, eliminating the chance of getting a foodborne illness from raw eggs. It is also made with heat-treated flour. Many people don’t realize how often raw flour has been contaminated with E. Coli – by heat treating the flour, any bacteria in it is killed. These two things make our cookie dough safer to eat than store bought, bakeable cookie dough.

Our cookie dough does contain wheat and soy. Certain locations offer gluten-free varieties and we offer it in our online shop. We have multiple dairy-free options. The only flavor that contains nuts is Peanut Butter, but all of our cookie dough is made in the same kitchens, so we cannot guarantee cross contamination. 

Yes! Click on the “Shop” tab to order cookie dough and have it shipped to you. 

Your cookie dough order will ship on the Monday after you place your order. It takes 2-3 business days to arrive, depending on your location. 

Our cookie dough does not contain any temperature controlled ingredients, so it is still safe to eat if it has gotten warm. We keep it refrigerated to maintain the consistency. If yours arrives and is warm, we suggest mixing it up and putting it in the refrigerator for storage. 

We are currently franchising. For more info on how to own a NoBaked shop, please visit our Franchise tab on this website.
In the refrigerator, the cookie dough will stay fresh for about 4 weeks. In the freezer, you can keep it for up to 3 months!

If you’re interested in interviewing someone at NoBaked or obtaining photographs for an article or news segment, please contact us here. Our Marketing and Public Relations team will get back to you shortly.

If you want to share your experience with us at NoBaked, you can reach out to us here. Customer feedback is an essential part of our business and we love hearing from you!

To see if any of our storefronts are hiring, please visit our Careers tab here.

We currently have storefronts in Nashville and Louisville. the address for Nashville is 117 28th Ave N. The Louisville Store is located at 805 Blankenbaker Parkway. Both locations are open every Sunday-Thursday 12pm-10pm and Friday-Saturday 12pm-11pm. Special holiday hours will be listed on social media the week before.

It depends on the item, which add-ons you order, and how many scoops you would like. Please see our Menu tab for a full list of our products and pricing. Our scoops are $5 for one, $7 for two, and $9 for three. You must get all of your scoops in one cup to receive this pricing. A cone will add $1.50 to your order. If you get each scoop in a different cup, the price will be $5 for each cup with one scoop. This is because single scoops are larger and to cover the cost of the materials.